The textiles only barrier would affect the future development of the economic crisis.

Textiles Instability of the Russian economy is likely to increase. Textiles and clothing are not considered an essential item for consumers; so probably will decline when the economic crisis. Russian consumers, after the crisis of 2009, have to be more careful with spending issues. Elementary School Uniform The economic crisis will only have a negative impact on this sector. This is the main factor curbing consumption. The political disputes in the region recently, tensions between Ukraine and Russia and increasing political instability in Ukraine would have a negative impact to the group FMCG (FMCG), especially items not considered essential goods, such as textiles.  Charities Funraiser Uniform Read More

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Clothing industry and Footwear is one of the most dynamically developing in Russia.

Clothing industry All categories of textiles are the growth compared to the previous year. Both of textiles and footwear are high growth rates in value. The increase in product mix, increased concern for fashion and marketing marketing campaign would affect the growth of demand for textiles in Russia. 2013, the Russian economy stable also contributed to the development of textile and garment industry. Football Read More


Innovation has been strengthened Footwear thanks to the commitment of the customer

Footwear Garment industry and shoes United States is taking steps to move vigorously on specific aspects of customer segmentation targets due to the customer’s intent in general is increasingly difficult to distinguish. The company is currently trying to attract customers in a variety of different ways such as clothing stores technologies or flash sale (discount popular items). Besides, many companies also apply multi-channel business strategy; however, this requires a significant investment to ensure that business operations online and offline must be operated smoothly and cohesion. Others have applied large-scale improvements to increase the frequency of brand presence in the present moment; thereby get attention and trust of customers. Golf Read More


Footwear Garments and shoes for men on the rise

Footwear Men’s fashion is increasingly playing an important role for companies in the apparel industry and the US footwear. In the period 2014-2019, items such as jeans, shoes and clothing in general men are virtually unsurpassed than the same products for women. American men have accepted the dressy trend on most products from socks to accessories. Baseball Caps For Women Read More


Vietnam cotton continues to depend heavily on imported cotton to meet the growing needs of the spinning industry. Five leading cotton supplier for Vietnam include: USA, India, Brazil, Australia and Ivory Coast, with density at 70% to 80%.

Vietnam cotton The signing of several international trade agreements will create favorable conditions for Vietnam to import cotton from countries like China, Turkey and South Korea. Our country will continue to maintain the market position of cotton consumed the fastest growing countries in the spinning industry. In other words, Vietnam will import more cotton in the coming years. Read More


Currently, Vietnam is ranked as one of the countries that produce cotton and export garments leading.

Although faced with the crisis of the global economy cotton, growth of garment industry of Vietnam has increased in 2015 with export value estimated at 27.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 9, 43% compared with 2014, but lower than the target of $ 28 billion. Fishing Visor

The United States is the market’s biggest textile exporter in Vietnam. In 2015, Vietnam exported 10.9 billion US dollars of garments to the United States, up 11.5% and accounting for 40.3% of the total value to exports for this sector. The United States is the next EU (12.5%), Japan (10.2%) and Korea (7.8%). Baseball Caps For Men Read More

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Material super cool, smart design that is described in skirts style that the girls should buy. Baseball Caps For Men

Spring summer dress is no longer comfortable with, especially as the world of fashion between spring and summer skirts style with numerous designs to choose from. But summer dresses so cool but remained discreet, protects skin then surely will make many girls have wondered, hesitated. Baseball Caps For Women

In addition to super-cool selection of materials, suitable for summer as chiffon, chiffon, silk or cotton, the smart design also provides a feeling extremely cool and refreshing. Read More

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The soft skirt, slender lady loves being the popular fashion and street applications this season.

The sample dresses in the spring summer always soaring, floating dynamic spirit that always absolute femininity. The she can easily apply these trends are “hot” like chalk pastel color, tend flowers (floral) … in the sample soft skirt this season. A walk around the streets of the world, we can see the fashionistas favorite is the bright and feminine colors. Goft Read More

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Fashion trend vintage style classic modern challenge has always been slightly favored women in all seasons throughout the year. Fishing Visor

Especially in the summer it will be partly sunny for ladies at Vintage unleash rampage with enough classic style immensely. when down here, phunuz.com gives readers a vintage trend completely new and interesting, they are a classic combination of identity and street style to modern and lemon retains the youthful style for many women.Hay reference quarter over the map suggests mixing style Vintage below Baseball Caps For Women

Hint mix lemon vintage style Classic to welcome summer Custom Sample

Tweed blazer jacket

For Vintage is an elegant fashion style but the variations she has become more stylish personality with a knitted cardigan or tweed jacket elegance and sophistication. Baseball Caps For Mennews1

Vintage dresses

Basketball For Women A classic dress, color red light, or camel, red-orange, brown, sleek vintage style can make your street more feminine and stylish. Badminton Jogging Visornews1a

Crop top

Baseball Trends croprop is designed in a bold personality to mix with flying skirts, high waist skirt-pants palazzo, or a pencil skirt will help you get an extremely impressive style street summer day . Baseketball For Mennews1b

Jeans and denim culottes

Frayed denim jeans pants style silver tassels will help you impressed hon.khi mix with some striking color items such as seven-color shirt, jacket colorful flowers with vintage denim skirt.news1c

Jumpsuit Vintagenews1d

Plaid texturenews1e

Skirts fly

Skirt flying with gentle chiffon material is a great choice for your vintage style she brought to the the Feminine, chic and sweetnews1f

Accessories Vintage

Fans of this style can not do without the vintage accessories such as wooden rings, necklaces, leather bags, satchel bags, woven belts, round earrings, silk scarf …news1g

Skirt Style

Pleated skirt style

Also no stranger to the fashion followers skirt style. Skirt pleated style young, dynamic but still discreet and soft, graceful so that you can wear to walk around, go to the beach and also can present work. Promotion Cap

With the momentum she selected tone pleated skirt and coordinated it perfectly is the ideal choice of her. With many advantages both in style and substance, the pleated skirt Korean dress is worth having a girlfriend locker. Designed with modern form spread combined with cleverly pleated lines, the skirt will give you the professional look when going to work, gently down the street when. Legs skirt rather eat the same standard as the sample distribution shirt , blouses, high heels and a feminine waist small copies. Goft Visor

You should know 3 girls pleated skirt style common Korean fashion market is very suitable for this summer

1. Short Skirt Style

Short pleated skirt design is quite suitable for cool weather days of the spring summer. The girl with petite body and a modest measure of round 3 will be “enchanted” by dress this perfect concealer. Bong’s flared skirt degree will help your 3 looks more sloping. GoftSkirt Style

2. Skirts miss

Long pleated skirt is designed with a youthful style, suitable for young girls dynamic personality which retains the charm, inherent softness of women. You can wear this dress to many destinations, such as for meeting friends, picnic, walk around. With design long pleated skirts over knee just discreet, convenient to both help you cover girls are the weaknesses of the body. Five Panel Caps

The dress is feminine and modern can be combined with T-shirts, backpacks, shirts and comes with many other accessories such as my sneakers, boat shoes soles, bracelet … Legs pleated skirts over knee help you styling and comfort with style youthful time. Contributing to the beauty charming, but no less feminine for girls dynamic. Charities Funraiser UniformSkirt Style

3. elongated skirts

Elongated pleated skirt latest fashion trends being youth love being both discreet and convenient to just help you cover girls are the weaknesses of the body. Elementary School Uniform

Spring and summer this year, a chiffon pleated skirt gave women a new fashion styles are youthful, graceful and feminine. Samples tutu moderate length, just go play nice when you go to do it politely. Therefore, a lot of women who love and choose costumes tutu for her in 2014. High School Uniform

With 3 style pleated skirt that phunuz.com just show you, hoping that you will choose for themselves the proper hợ skirt fashion p in your closet offline. FoolballSkirt Style