When it comes to the slim-down secrets of the stars, there’s a buffet of techniques. Kim K is back to her pre-baby weight after strictly following the Atkins diet. Adele recently dropped 30 pounds by having her meals delivered. Britney’s trainer apparently has her doing a “skateboard workout.”

no-fuss nutrition

But you don’t have to follow any of these trendy diets or workouts to lose weight (if that’s what you’re after). Cutting calories could be as easy as changing the colour of your plate or using a different utensil. Do I have your attention? Here are 10 easy, no-fuss nutrition hacks you can incorporate into your life today. Sport Cap

 Red Plate
What comes to mind when you think of the colour red? Stop, right? Well, that’s the imagery researchers claim cause us to eat significantly fewer calories when using red dishes. Sounds bizarre, but studies show that when we eat with red plates, we tend to eat a whopping 40 per cent less than on a plate of any other shade. Baseball Caps For Men

This next one excites me, mostly because I just decorated my dining room with a big-ass mirror. Apparently when we eat while looking at our reflection we make healthier choices. In fact, a recent study done at the University of Florida shows that mirrors actually make junk food to taste less satisfying, causing us to reach for more nutritious, diet-conscious options. Promotion Cap

Order First
Even though we’re total badass boss-ladies in life, when it comes to ordering food with friends, I’m afraid we turn into followers. Even if we have the intention of ordering a salad, when a pal requests the lobster mac and cheese—well, we have the tendency to follow suit. This is why it’s essential to order first at a restaurant. That way we can stick to our OG game plan without temptation.  Strapback Caps

Good Company
Stats show that fast eaters are three times as likely to be overweight. That’s because eating quickly tends to lead to eating too much. The solution? Well, eating slower, obviously. But how? According to reports, eating with a chatty pal can significantly reduce our eating speed. We’re busy talking and also usually don’t want to be seen as the fast eater.

Fork It
Did you know that eating with a spoon causes us to overeat? Random, I know, but data shows that spoon-feeding causes us to taste food more gradually, leading us to perceive the bites as smaller then they really are. The experts say that forks allow us to taste our treats in real time, causing us to overestimate the amount of calories we’re eating and reach for smaller portions as a result.

Small Plates
Do you ever walk up to the buffet with the intention of only filling half your plate? How did that work out for you? Probably same as me: total. fail. Well, apparently half full is just not in our nature. A 2012 study proved that the majority of us prefer a plate that is 70 per cent full. That means as the size of the plate grows, so too does our portion. Smaller plate; smaller portion; problem solved. CHARITIES-FUNRAISER UNIFORM

Reason to drink more water: According to the nutrition authorities, drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before mealtime causes us to consume far less calories. A UK study confirmed this theory: Those who drank water before eating lost nearly five more pounds in a month than those who didn’t. Bottoms up. TRAVEL-CAMP UNIFORM

Remember the days of pre-drinking? Well, those days might be over, but the pre-party is still alive and well—the only difference is instead of drinking before we go out, experts say we should be eating. One study found that if we arrive to an event hungry we’re more than twice as likely to reach for starchy, greasy foods and also destined to consume a lot more calories—almost 50 per cent more. Having a small, healthy snack—like a protein shake, handful of nuts or piece of fruit—allows us to make smart, controlled choices when we head out for the night. Polo shirt

Get Sweaty
You don’t need another lecture on all the reasons why regular exercise is so beneficial for health and weight loss, but did you know that exercise actually makes us less hungry? It seems counter intuitive, but researchers say that it’s a combo of being distracted by the workout and also the impact the exertion has on our hormones: reducing ghrelin, the hunger chemical. But that’s not all: When we rise and grind, we’re also more likely to make better choices when it comes to what we eat throughout the day.

Indulge…a little
What happens when I tell you not to think of the red boat? You’re picturing it now, aren’t you? We’re rebellious by nature—the more we feel we can’t do something, the more we want it. (That’s probably why I spent so many years chasing emotionally unavailable men.) Point is, when we put certain foods on our “no list,” it’s all-consuming. By the time we bend our rules, we’re more likely to lose control and binge on the bad stuff. The solution? Indulging, just a little. By having a taste of the goodies while we’re still in control, it leads to a far better outcome than when we deprive ourselves. Go ahead, have a bite, enjoy every blissful flavour and then walk away. Secondary School Uniform


One of the most difficult things with planning to travel is figuring out what to pack and what to wear on our vacations. With the outrageous baggage fees some airlines are charging, you can bet we’re definitely going to try to squeeze every single little necessity into our carry-ons.

With such limited packing space, we have to be strategic when planning our ultimate vacation wardrobes. This, of course, extends to shoes, too. Sport Cap

We’re often left wondering “what sort of shoes should I wear?”… “how are they going to be comfortable enough for the ridiculous amount of walking I’m planning on doing?”… “how many pairs should I even pack?” Baseball Caps For Men

We’ve got the answer to all of those questions with the three ultimate types of shoes for any vacation. You won’t need to pack anymore as the three pairs will be able to get you from point A to point B no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. Promotion Cap


The “I-Never-Knew-I-Needed-These” waterproof shoes

Why: No matter where you’re going, you shouldn’t be caught without a pair of waterproof shoes. Of course, the type of shoe is going to change depending on climate, season, or even accommodations… but the waterproof shoe can be your travel saviour. Going to a place with a wet climate? Rainboots will help you handle substantial downpours. Hitting the beach? Sandals will ensure you’re not cutting your feet on any rocks at the shoreline. Staying in a hostel? Slippers will help you avoid the potential (and scary) risk of getting foot fungus from the shared showers. Strapback Caps


The slip-on sneaker Secondary School Uniform

It’s pretty obvious why a jetsetter would need a great pair of walking shoes. If you had to do with one pair on your own journey, make sure they can go the distance (quite literally). Keep in mind your itinerary. If you’re sticking to city streets, most breathable sneakers will do the trick. However if you’re exploring outside the city centre though (read: dirt roads, cobblestone), ensure the soles have a good grip. Slip-ons in particular make airport security a bit faster, too, but you may want to keep a stash of sockettes with you. There’s nothing worse than walking barefoot through a highly trafficked zone. CHARITIES-FUNRAISER UNIFORM


The sneakily comfortable heel  Polo shirt

Why: A good vacation shouldn’t be without a night out or two. Since most involve a bit of a trek though, avoid the sky high pumps and opt for something stylish and most importantly comfortable. Know your day is going to be jam-packed and you won’t be able to head back to your hotel room? Pack a pair of foldable flats in your purse so you can take your look up a notch without a 12 hour commitment. TRAVEL-CAMP UNIFORM


Fashion accessories


Bikini name first appeared in 1946 with 2-piece design, each condemned as too sexy.

Few doubt that the first bikini models in the world by a French engineer (name Louis Réard) design. He borrowed the name of Bikini Atoll atoll to set for the collection and launch date of 07/05/1946. badminton-jogging visor

Now, days become International 5.7 Bikini, symbol apparel seductive beauty of every woman in the world.

Before this time, the name bikini unborn. Many designs are complicated as a dress or pajamas now, is not suitable for water. Baseball Caps For Men


Réard Louis explained: “Bikini is a smaller type of the world’s smallest bathing suit.” Although the majority of women expressed interest and received collections, but this dress is still controversial at the time. Baseball Caps For Women

It has appeared in Miss World 1951 and faced opposition from many who should have removed these performances.Until the 1960s, the new bikini design back strong, appeared on the cover of Playboy and Sports Illustrated. Five Panel Caps

 This time, the bikini has evolved more than sexy styles with bold cuts (called monokini). Bikini began to appear on the screen, typically the film Dr. No 1962 (under the 007 series).Of her “Bond girl” in many scenes has its presence.


Bikini in the movie 007 1962


Samples are relatively simple bikini magazine leading swimwear 1964

While bikini was banned but the designs are still relatively discreet and simple, usually with elastic material monochrome generally relaxing. Type two-piece, two-strap shirt with the same women’s underwear is still the most popular. Promotion Cap

1970s, fashion bikini became more sophisticated. In 1975, taking ad poster bikini American actress Farah Fawcett, did booming craze idol-like dress. That kind of one-piece swimsuits. In just a short time, this pattern swimwear sold more than 12 million units. Baseball


American actress Farah Fawcett, shooting ads swimwear 1975

Swimwear sample also “hot” until the end of the 1980s drama Baywatch (Coastwatch team) is proof. The one-piece design is a higher crop in the hip, crotch triangle to show off the sexiest curves of the body.


Bikini popular fad of the 1980s


One piece bikini fashion high waist openings in the 1980s and one wool crocheted 2016

In the 1990s, popular bikini returned one 2-piece with a high waist pants, smaller crotch. The majority of women who also bought themselves a few sets every time sailing. Per year, the United States consumes about 811 million dollars (18.000 billion) for this type of costume. Basketball for women


1990s fashion bikini sets 2 pieces are highly exposed and transformed hip monokini 2016

Entering the 21st century, bikini appeared with numerous variations. Tiny bikini, colorful, crocheted cardigan, bikini straps, chest Cup bikini, bikini brassiere, bikini neon colors … and many other designs are launched and women welcome. CHARITIES-FUNRAISER UNIFORM


Office fashion


A small change in the way the mix also helps set the map’s map you become different, more dramatic and exciting. Here are 5 ways that you refresh the style of your everyday basis.

Mezzanine trousers badminton-jogging visor


Main Mezzanine trousers interesting variation of a baggy pants. Replacement for style pants with long entangled yet, inconvenience, mezzanine pants are “shortening” in length from ankle just 5-7cm. Thus, these pants kept him suspended inherent liberal definition but looks much more tidy. Because of the special nature of this mezzanine trousers can accompany the elegant costumes, serious office place but also entirely appropriate for outdoor play activities, walk around …. Baseball Caps For Men

Besides, the population is still very flexible tube suspended in a mix of furniture styles of shirts, T-shirts, cropped top … to spearhead the shoes, loafer or flops are appropriate.Mezzanine pants just subtle elegance, charm and looks strong to bring, carefree style of menswear. Baggy pants are still extremely hot trend is a fad in the season this year, so if you want to style your office into fresh, and attractive personality, add the suspended tube pants wardrobes her right now. Baseball Caps For Women



Different shoes

With so many office ladies, style offices attached to the shoes or sandals with high heels spearhead. But, just change a little by personalities like loafer shoes, oxford, sneaker or buckle sandals, lace up sandals .. outfit your everyday office will immediately become different, personality and more impressive. Five Panel Caps

Also, do not hesitate to update the shoes locker animal prints, floral print or brightly colored shoes because it becomes bright accents for your office furniture set.


Bags Featured

Along with shoes, handbags are an indispensable accessory for all women. Normally you choose the bags in neutral colors, elegant smooth because it easily combines costumes and bring the image more luxury and class. However, sometimes you also need to ‘unwind’ a little but the bag with striking colors, it not only helps to add a fresh outfit, but also makes your mood better inspiration for a productive day too. Promotion Cap


Add color and texture to the dress 

Business attire is not just neutral colors, of course, it gives you a professional manner and it is also the choice of the majority. However, sometimes a set of items ‘flamboyant’ style a bit and you add new, interesting, and it also inspired to work for yourself and those around you. Baseball


Iridescent jewelry


The jewelry is small, but they do have the ability to create a huge difference, a set of items with a white shirt and trousers will become extremely sophisticated, youthful and class if you combine the same bracelet, or necklace … chunky metallic rings midi ring, or suggest delicate ears is also the brightest highlights and subtle style that your office becomes different. Basketball for women


These guys ‘mushroom dwarf’ could become more dashing through well-chosen suit appropriate way.

badminton-jogging visor


People with modest height very afraid vest area, because it is easy to get them is to overwhelm the fabric and the image becomes ‘leveled age’. However, if you master the simple rules, the present suit is not too difficult. golf visor


The vest he should choose short, medium length to extend effective people. By the wear long backs will feel longer, shorter legs. Velcro Back for Cap


One of the ways that people wear suit tall, choosing leaner cuts vest with deep ties, only two rows of daisies. When dressed, you take it to heart rule set only a daisy. Five Panel Caps


About trousers, instead choosing to stand pipe trousers, to ‘extend’ legs should you choose not taper glass tube pants. promotion visor


Men who have small low figure should stay away from a tie. Whether big or small as they are also making the overall becomes cumbersome. Polo shirt

In case of a tie is mandatory to use, you should choose small and slender, not prints. Basketball for men


A suit will be perfect if you choose the right pair of shoes combined together. To flattering, the boys choose the type of style shoes with slender, gentle, simple design loafer. Football


Photoshoot was done with the help of photographer Nguyen Vu, Nguyen Bul makeup, costumes Xuan Le, Do Quang Vinh model. T-shirt


Convenient, stylish, elegant are the things that men list can not not like the classic boat shoe soles.

badminton-jogging visor

Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in 2016 religious male Image 1
Boat shoes have long become the perfect choice for men when summer came.Variations from low sneaker with the base, tinged style of loafer shoes (shoes lazy) but brings color and more varied designs, the double boat shoe has proven its appeal. golf visor
Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in the convent by 2016 Photo 2
Also known as “deck shoes”, boat shoes are often made of canvas or leather material.The most common type of color scheme is part on the classic brown color, while the base is white contrast. If you look carefully constructed shoes, you will see the function of each component is extremely clear. Velcro Back for Cap
Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in the convent by 2016 Photo 3
First, the rubber base is the most characteristic part of the shoe, inspired sneakers but lower. The most special thing in the soles of shoes is likely to increase friction, reduce slip. This is a very important characteristic because it would restrict the accident while moving regularly. Five Panel Caps
Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in the convent by 2016 Image 4
This characteristic that boat shoes are considered the shoes for walking on ships, sailors often used. Also, people always want to protect aquatic craft his ship off other dangers, even if it is only very minor. So the base of the boat design with resistance to wear shoes on the deck will always be looking for them. promotion visor
Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in 2016 religious male Pictures 5
In addition, the two sides of the boat shoe pairs also have metal eyelets to help users feel cool and keep shoes dry quickly when wet. It’s easy to take off shoelaces so when wetted parts are made of leather strings, instead of commonly used fabrics. Basketball for men
Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in 2016 religious male Pictures 6
The history of boat shoes are also extremely impressive. This form is Paul A. Sperry shoes up the idea after a walk on the ice. He noticed his dog, carefree Prince can run on it without falling or anything slip. After checking its feet, he saw many bones groove.Inspired by this, he has launched Sperry boat shoes shoe form. After that, he continued to founder Sperry Top-Sider company, famous brand shoes with boat shoes. Football
Boat shoes - indispensable piece of paper in 2016 religious male Pictures 7
Men list love boat shoes different for several reasons. Most of them recognize soft soled shoes, extremely comfortable when traveling. Polo shirt

But what is more important is its usability, swooned over – quickly removable, suitable for those lazy guy. Boat shoes are an excellent choice for both hot and cold weather, in accordance with the polite suits or jeans shirts dynamic. T-shirt


Designs legendary aviator glasses Ray-Ban has always been very special men’s hearts in summer 2016 fashion trends

badminton-jogging visor

MK11. Gucci Aviator-Style Bamboo Silver-Tone-Trimmed Polarised Sunglasses: There prices are not cheap (540 dollars), but the new design of Gucci aviator glasses are still sought after by men youthful design, elegant. Part rimmed glasses connected with bamboo motifs characteristic design makes even more unique. Easy staging products combined with basic items such as a white shirt and jeans tradition. golf visor


2. Ace & Avery Tate | Dry Ice: Silver Ace & Tate is right for the summer. With medium gray glasses you will not have toworry about color products combined with clothes difficult or other accessories. Velcro Back for Cap


3. Tom Ford Snowdon Acetate Tortoiseshell Square-Frame Sunglasses: Will be missing when Tom Ford glasses not included – brand always satisfy the high fashion followers. Snowdon is still the familiar design, but textured glass accentsdark tortoise area ideal for this summer. Five Panel Caps


4. Ray-BanWayfarer Sunglasses:  Manymenprefer the classic products such as Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Ray-Ban eyewear long favored by designing easy to coordinate map, the most beautifulwhen combined with monochromatic outfits. promotion visor


5. High-Contrast Boho Tortoise MrFitzroy:  Only 88 USD you can own glass flow Mr. Boho tortoiseshell colored suits exciting summer atmosphere. Basketball for men


6. Le Specs Pharaoh:  Le Specs matte frame of Pharaoh as make men more performance, particularly with reflective lenses striking gold when combined with black dress. Football


7. Randolph Aviators II:  This glass samplewas originally produced exclusively for US military personnel, products Randolph has become popularized, especially for those who just like the style justlike persistence, sure. Design Aviators II this year bearing the fashion of the 1980s. T-shirt


8. Sunglasses Persol Suprema Orange: Persol sunglasses are one of the must have this summer men. Rimmed eye-catching orange color, with the gentleman with dark locker key but still want to pointout the way and cause. Jeepers Peepers

MK89. Riley Way:  Jeepers Peepers is one of the few brands Cheap sunglasses while ensuring good quality and fashion design. Glasses are often eye-catching colors, wearing the clothing of neutral or dark colors. Polo shirt


It is foolish to start her high heels combined with any outfit and for that it is the unique key of the sensual.

badminton-jogging visor

You not only need to add new clothes as each day passes, you need to update the knowledge of modern fashion, if not its spending lots of money on shopping, but it looks like a grandmother outdated ago 5 decades: golf visor

# 1:thoi trang1

The fat should only minimal wear It seems the concept of momentum dance costumes, many details only with the slender girl unconscious ingrained in each of us. But who are you prohibited whether you dance fatty matter? You still have to wear everything, as long as you like and not too offensive Velcro Back for Cap

# 2:thoi trang2

The new monochrome map helps you become more elegant Elegance comes from many factors: style, texture, material … not just the color of the uniform. You can still wear beautiful when coordinated manner colorblock or extremely gracious and polite to present a floral print maxi dress … Do not force myself into a certain color standards! Five Panel Caps

# 3:thoi trang3

Shoes and bags are the best so the same tone Actually, shoes, bags and costume instead should harmonize with exactly the same colors or different colors, textures. You absolutely can coordinate a blue baby blue dress with white bags and shoes Tropical motifs, instead of choosing to be given to a similar white shoes with bag is brought offline! promotion visor

# 4:thoi trang4

Beo, drapery and bows looked rustic andcumbersome … Nothing is rustic here by the fact that this year has proven to be the year of the almost extreme detail “dirt cake” other. And even if no one wears galaxy, but you especially inspired with these details, so do not make yourself unique, right? Basketball for men

# 5:thoi trang5

No high heels, do not expect sexy! It is foolish to start her high heels combined with any outfit and for that it is the unique key of the sensual. But a pair of sneakers bearing the same tank top, shortsultrashort sometimes dangerous than 11 cm high heels carrying the same trousers,shirts that! Football

# 6:thoi trangt

What season clothes The concept of modernfashion does not seem to be affected much by the weather. The fashion house creative seasonal collections, but not so that someone must catch them right into the applications that season. One can wear a shirt two wires between winter coat jacket nonchalantly outside, as well as between the hot summer, somewhere a Trenchcoat haughtily on the road … T-shirt

# 7:Street Style during Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

Only buy things easy wear Only buy things easy to wear life means you’ll just hang around T-shirts, jeans that ignores a lotof other fun fashion item. Think back and give yourself a chance to discover themselves by the clothes never wore offline!

Polo shirt