By the end of last September, exports of textiles and garments in Vietnam reached over 21 billion dollars, only completed 68% compared with the year plan.

Textiles According to the Vietnam Textile and Garment Association, in September, the total export value of the whole industry reached more than $ 2.6 billion, down 7% compared to the month before. Generally for 9 months, total export turnover reached over 21 dollars, completed 68% of the plan year (29 billion dollars). Sport Cap

According to the experts in the industry, the textiles export growth reached the lowest in 10 years. In addition to the impact of objective factors such as economies of some textile importers of Vietnam is in trouble, events Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union in the UK, one of the difficulties of the textile industry stemming from the policies keep Vietnam dong exchange rate stability against the other currencies, making commodities more expensive Vietnam compared with other suppliers, which reduces the competitiveness of products. Strapback Caps

Besides, the scarcity of orders is happening quite common in many businesses, some of orders of enterprises is only 70% compared to the same period last year.

Textile export target Vietnam this year set to reach between 28 and 29 billion, up 5% from last year, so the average 3 month last year, exports of Vietnam’s garment must be at least $ 2.5 billion.

Against this backdrop, Textiles Association recommended enterprises to adapt to market conditions, to accept the conversion of orders to minimize damage to the enterprise; strengthening the domestic market expansion with the diversification of commodities to achieve the set goals. Secondary School Uniform

To the association, Mr. Truong Van Cam, Secretary General of Vietnam Textile and Garment Association, said the Association will be the sum to reflect on the relevant authorities to resolve, remove difficulties for enterprises focus state proposals address a range of issues of policy mechanisms, joint inspection, trade facilitation for enterprises. /. Basketball For Men


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