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Vietnams garment can save more than $ 1 billion from reduced logistics costs

Vietnams garment The cost reduction for Vietnams garment industry not only from the change of policy, but also need solutions that increase competitiveness. Baseball Caps For Men

Currently, logistics costs account for nearly 1/3 of the cost of each product textile export. If this cost reduction, Vietnam’s garment can save more than $ 1 billion / year. This solution was launched during the seminar which took place on 3/11 between Garment Association and Vietnam Logistics Association.

Every year, Vietnam exported textiles to the US and Brazil 4.63 million m2 of product and imported 1.01 million tons of cotton back. However, to export and import 2 items, textile enterprises often find enterprise logistics, making up everyone. Baseball Caps For Women

Therefore, the only container exported or imported goods 1 pm, afternoon rest were empty containers that transport costs rise. So, what to do to save costs and transit time is sought for the textile business and logistics to meet each other.

2015, Vietnam imported textile raw materials amounted to more than $ 10 billion. If businesses in the Textile Association and Logistics Association is closely cooperating, estimated shipping costs will be reduced by 10%, equivalent to more than $ 1 billion. Charities Funraiser Uniform

In the seminar, another solution to help reduce logistics costs are also much consensus as established several freight centers. Instead of only one container enterprises incur high cost of transportation, logistics enterprises will gather more goods from other businesses to reduce shipping costs. Travel Camp Uniform